Cookies are brief information that is sent and stored on the user’s computer through your browser when it is connected to a website. Cookies can be used to collect and store user data while connected to facilitate the service. There are two types of cookies, session cookies (which are not usually kept) and persistent cookies (which are for an indefinite period of time and serve to preserve user data for future services.) Cookies may be own or from third parties.


There are several types of cookies:

Technical cookies that facilitate user navigation and the use of different options or services offered by the website, such as identifying the session, allowing access to certain areas, facilitating orders, making purchases, filling out forms, registering, ensuring security, and providing features (videos, social networks, etc.).

Customization cookies that allow users to access services according to their preferences (language, browser configuration, etc.).

Analysis cookies that allow for an anonymous analysis of the behavior of web users and for measuring user activity and creating navigation profiles with a view to improving the website.

Advertising cookies for managing advertising space on the website.

Personalized advertising cookies for managing advertising space on the website according to the user’s behaviour and browsing habits, on the basis of which their profile is obtained. Advertising displayed on the user’s browser can then be personalized.

COLOMER 1792 SLU only uses technical, customization and analysis cookies, owned by both COLOMER 1792 SLU and third parties. Our cookies never handle personal data or record surfing habits for advertising purposes.

In accordance with Article 22 of the Law on Information Society Services, we request the consent of visitors, upon accessing our website, for the use of analysis cookies. Such cookies will be activated after a reasonable period of time in order to allow the user to make a decision regarding their consent.

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